Congratulation to the Graduates of medical universities from the Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation V.I. Skvortsova

  Dear Graduates! On behalf of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, I sincerely congratulate you on the remarkable event in your life — Medical University Graduation! Today you are close to fulfilling your dream — you became doctors and got this noble profession in the best medical universities of the country. Years […]


“Topical Issues of Organic and Biological Chemistry» conference at the Department of Chemistry of the Preparatory faculty on Training Foreign Citizens

On June 16, 2017 the «Topical Issues of Organic and Biological Chemistry» conference organized by Department of Chemistry of Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens has taken place. The welcoming speech to the conference participants was addressed by the Head of the Department of Chemistry, Associate Professor A. Grekova. 20 students of the Preparatory faculty who […]


Excursion to Anton Chekhov’s birthplace

On May 21, the students of the Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens from Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Venezuela, Congo, Colombia, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Zambia, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria and Thailand travelled to Taganrog. They have got acquainted with the city and its sights. With their own eyes the fellows saw the places related to the name […]


Russian language is the language of great Russian literature and culture

The Olympiad on the Russian language, dedicated to the Day of Slavic writing and culture at the Department of Russian language and culture of Russian speech (head of the department — Doctor of Philology Sknar G.D.), was held on May 23, 2017. The Olympiad was held in two rounds: written and oral. The chairman of the […]


Celebration of the Slavonic Writing and Culture Day

Last Sunday, May 21, the students of the Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens visited the Festival of Slavonic Writing and Culture, which took place on the Cathedral Square of our city. Among the guests and spectators of the annual celebration were the vice governor of the Don region Igor Guskov, the Metropolitan of Rostov […]


RostSMU students ranked first in the International Inter-University Online Anatomy Olympiad in English

On the 19-th of May, 2017 the Olympiad in Anatomy in English between the universities teams of the «Southern» scientific and educational medical cluster was held. The organizer of the online Olympiad was Astrakhan State Medical University. There were three stages in it: testing, solving practical tasks and creative competition «Anatomy in Art». Based on […]


Interdepartmental Student’ Scientifically-Practical Conference ‘The Fate of the Family in the Country’s Destiny’

On the eve of the Great Victory Day the Rostov State Medical University hosted the Student Scientifically-Practical Conference ‘The Fate of the Family in the Country’s Destiny.’ Interesting and informative reports were made by Russian and foreign students of various faculties of RostSMU. Koshkosh Inna (Republic of Cyprus), the 2nd year student of General Medicine […]


Students’ conference at the Preparatory Faculty

The student conference dedicated to the World Cosmonautics Day was held on April 8, 2017 at the Department of Physics and Mathematics of the Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens. Participants of the conference listened with great interest to the reports, which were made by students of the Preparatory Faculty Oydovsuren Badamgarav (Mongolia), Bramo Te […]


Preparatory Faculty International students continue to familiarize themselves with the RostSMU

Foreign nationals who are studying at the Preparatory Faculty of our University have visited the anatomic museum of RostSMU, where they were hospitably met by the Associate Professor of normal anatomy A. A. Shvyryov, who has given them a fascinating tour. Students from Nigeria, Angola, Palestine and Ecuador met with the history of the museum, […]


Congratulations on your win!

The results of the Sixth Online Peoples Friendship Festival «Love to cinema, love to Russia», which was held at the_M.V._Lomonosov Moscow State University, are summed up. The main objective of the Festival is to popularize the Russian language as a medium of international communication, to develop creative abilities of students and to strengthen the relationship […]


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