A Fresher’s Party

A Fresher’s Party is always a fun and exciting event for all the participants. For every foreign student it is an opportunity to celebrate a new stage in his life together with friends, teachers and staff of the Dean’s office.
The evening dedicated to the Day of the first-year student began with an introductory speech by the Vice-Chancellor on Training Foreign Citizens and International Cooperation of RostSMU G.S. Gafiyatullina, who motivated students to be diligent throughout the entire period of study at the university.
The students prepared creative performances — dances, songs, poems in English, accompanied by a visual interlude in the course of the plot. The performances of the students were highly appreciated by the administration of RostSMU and the guests invited to the event.
At the end of the concert, the The Dean of the Faculty on Training Foreign Students and Post-graduates, E.S. Belousova, delivered a welcoming speech, in which she instructed new students to treat the learning process at the university scrupulously and enthusiastically master the curriculum. The titles «Miss and Mr. Freshman», as well as the prizes were awarded to the winners and the participants by the Dean and Vice Dean.

Foreign students of Rostov State Medical University became active participants in the World Youth Festival in Sochi

The best students of the university, including foreign ones represented RostSMU at the World Youth Festival in Sochi. Deolinda Andre Tiago from Mozambique, Moncheiro Mascarinhas Celistino Junior from Cape Verde, Amarna Mahmoud S.M. from Palestine participated in all the forum events for a week — fascinating master classes, discussions, panel sessions, communicated with famous politicians […]

Students of the Preparatory Faculty of Rostov State Medical University read Alexander Pushkin’s works

Students of the Preparatory Faculty of RostSMU took part in the XIII Online Festival of Friendship “My friends, our union is wonderful!”  It is dedicated to the anniversary date, which will be celebrated in 2024 — the 225th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian poet Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Foreign students presented their works […]

International students celebrated the Day of the Cossack Mother

International students of RostSMU got acquainted with the traditions of the Russian Cossacks. On December 8, RostSMU hosted an event dedicated to the Day of the Cossack Mother, in which international students of 5. and 6. courses studying at RostSMU in the intermediary English-medium actively participated. The celebration allowed young foreigners to get acquainted in […]

29 марта, 2023

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