The engine for modern medicine development is the university science. It connects academics and advanced scientific knowledge of scientists and university professors, wide practical experience and capabilities of university clinics, enthusiasm and students, residents, postgraduates’ desire for a new. The result of this synthesis – graduates, young doctors-innovators with the latest knowledge who absorbed the classical basics of diagnosis and treatment from experienced clinical professors.

Despite the challenges that arise in this sphere, we hope that we will be able to solve all the tasks applying the above-mentioned approaches. The preservation of these traditions and the desire to integrate into the world medical science today is the main scientific approach at RostSMU.

Academic traditions of the University of Warsaw, a huge clinical base from Nikolaev Hospital to modern clinics of RostSMU and understanding of its role in the formation of medical culture in the South of Russia.

Inga Movlievnа Kotieva
Vice-Chancellor for Research work
Russian Federation, Rostov-on-Don, Nahichevansky av., 29
+7 (863) 250-42-00
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