Волкова Наталья ИвановнаDear friends!

The Rostov State Medical University is a modern research University, embodying faithful to the traditions and openness to innovations and advanced technologies.

The history of the Rostov State Medical University begins in 1915 and since then, the University has been keeping the high reputation and our students and graduates are proud of it. Research activity of the University includes not only the training of foreign citizens, but also the academic exchange of students and scientists. The Rostov State Medical University supports research partnership with research centers and educational institutions all over the world. Scientists, doctors and students regularly attend international conferences and meetings. The teaching staff of the Rostov State Medical University acts as experts and participants of various international programs, associations or consortiums. Something that several tens of years seemed unbelievable and fantastic — nano — and molecular technologies, Internet-conferences and online consultations with the leading professors of the world, now gradually becomes part of the everyday reality of the research process in the Rostov State Medical University.

We will be glad to cooperation and joint research projects.

Natalia Ivanovna Volkova

Appeal of the Vice-Chancellor for Science
Doc. Med. Sci., Professor



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