At the concert of the Don Cossacks Song and Dance Ensemble

November 23, 2016, the students of the Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens visited the Rostov Philharmonic Hall where they watched the concert of the Rostov Don Cossacks State Academic Song and Dance Ensemble.

Students enjoyed the concert program based on folk-song tradition of the Don land. Exciting, really breath-taking dances, which reflect the characteristics of Don choreographic culture, and also the narrative choreographic stories devoted to the heroic pages of the past and present of the Don Cossacks, choreographic miniatures and comic humorous dances have caused in them special admiration. 

Before the concert

Before the concert

The choreographic performance "As the Don Cossacks fraternized"

Choreographic performance «As the Don Cossacks fraternized»

The choreographic miniature “1812”

Choreographic miniature “1812”









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