People’s friendship — the unity of Russia

Within the framework of the VII festival «The Caucasus — our common home» the international student’s scientifically-practical conference «People’s friendship — the unity of Russia» devoted to the 70th anniversary of Rostov State University of Civil Engeneering was held on the 10-12 of December 2013.

Students from different countries and continents are trained in our city. That is why at the meeting of the section «Language of regions: the national consciousness of the student youth» reports were presented in which problems related to the comprehensive study of the Russian language were discussed. It is very important that, many reports were not only about the Russian language, but also about the close connection with other languages, about the impact and penetration that was mentioned in the speeches of students from Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran, Yemen, China and other countries.

Almost all students of the Rostov universities took part in the conference, as well as guests from Bashkiria, Mordovia and China. Active participants were the students of The Rostov State Medical University.

The student of 1st course of the faculty of General Medicine Shavla Chobanova (Azerbaijan) made a report «Russian language as a means of interethnic communication», the student of the 2nd course of the faculty of General Medicine Chinbold Batchingis (Mongolia) spoke about «Linguo-social aspects of studying Russian language in Mongolia», and the 1st year student of the Stomatology faculty Abdel Hussein Hassan (The Lebanon) presented a report «Tolerance is an integral part of personality development».




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