Festival «Multinational RostSMU»

The festival «Multinational RostSMU» was held in our university and the students of the Preparatory Faculty from different countries such as Albania, Angola, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Israel, Madagascar and Mongolia participated in it. The event began with a presentation that introduced the festival participants to the culture of different countries. The most memorable moment of the festival was the concert. Foreign students pleased the audience with their colorful performances — a bright multi-genre action with representatives of different nationalities, different hobbies and interests. The festival made a lasting impression:
“It’s nice that here we do not prove who is better but show that we are together. When we are united, we can do everything!” (Chang Ming Chien, Vietnam)

Afghan national dance 

The performance of students from Mongolia

The students from Vietnam are on the stage

African dance performed by students from Ghana and Nigeria


Modern Vietnamese dance 

On November 27, 2018 students of the Preparatory Faculty from Vietnam became at the same time guests and participants of the festival «Cultural Heritage of the Don Land» which was held in the Regional Arts Center. The performance of Vietnamese students was greeted with delight and supported with applause.  




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