Report on the III Intercollegiate Scientific Student Conference «The Way to Medicine: Therapeutic Function of the Word»

On April 14, 2018, the RostSMU Department of the Russian Language and Culture of Russian Speech (head of the department is Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor G.D. Sknar) held the III Intercollegiate Scientific Student Conference: «The Way to Medicine: Therapeutic Function of the Word.»
The conference was attended by foreign and Russian students of the RostSMU General Medicine, Pediatric and Dentistry faculties, as well as undergraduates of the Institute of Philology, Journalism and Intercultural Communication of the Southern Federal University.

Head of the Department of Russian Language and Culture of Russian Speech G.D.Sknar addressed the participants with a welcoming speech. She has wished to participants and guests of a conference to love the word and use it carefully, because it acquires special significance and value in medical discourse.
She expressed her hope that the theoretical and practical knowledge of the Russian language, the culture of Russian speech and medical ethics will help students in their professional activities and public careers.
Four Sections were presented at the conference: «Therapeutic function of the word», «Outstanding scientists — graduates of RostSMU», «Medicine and Russian Literature: Interrelation and Interaction», «The contribution of Russian scientists to the world medicine».
Interesting reports were heard during the meeting, devoted to both theoretical research in the field of the Russian language and the culture of Russian speech, as well as topical issues relating to medical ethics; special features on communication «doctor-patient».
The last topic, touched upon in the speech of I.Taratina, the General Medicine third-year student, aroused genuine interest among the audience, as evidenced by numerous questions.
Speakers, making their presentations, not only told about the glorious chapters of the development of Russian medicine, about activity of outstanding graduates of the Rostov State Medical Institute, but also helped to see and realize that the real greatness is often near us.
So, the report of E.Saidov about our contemporary psychiatrist and poet Eduard Kholodny has been heard with great interest.
First-year students of the faculty of General Medicine from Zambia Mweemba Kati and Wumba Jonah Washington, who talked about V.P.Demikhov and V.I.Shumakov’s contribution to the world medicine, expressed the hope that the discoveries of these scientists in the field of Organ Transplantation will find applications in their home country. The General Medicine sophomore from Benin made arguments of pros and cons of transplants in his report.
SFU graduate Yu.Gurkina in her report presented a video project aimed at optimizing the training of international students in such linguistic units, difficult for understanding, as idioms.
All reports are distinguished by relevance, depth, thoughtfulness and clarity. Following the results of the conference, it is planned to publish a collection of conference materials.






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