Congratulation to the Graduates of medical universities from the Minister of Healthcare of the Russian Federation V.I. Skvortsova


Dear Graduates!

On behalf of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, I sincerely congratulate you on the remarkable event in your life — Medical University Graduation!

Today you are close to fulfilling your dream — you became doctors and got this noble profession in the best medical universities of the country.

Years spent in the university, and the obtained knowledge base is a guarantee that as a professional you will meet the medical requirements of the 21st century.

No doubt, it’s not easy to study at a medical school, but you managed to do a lot: to pass tests and examinations, actively participate in public and student life, play sports.

Many of you have achieved some success in research and development.

I want to express my deep gratitude to those who traveled this way with you, Dear Graduates, including the entire teaching staff, who used all their experience, skill and knowledge to make you highly qualified specialists for the benefit of our great country.

I’m sure, wherever you’re in labor, the knowledge gained over the years of study at the university will be a guarantee that profound professionalism will distinguish you at any post.

Dear Graduates! I wish you wholeheartedly to have an interest in the profession throughout your life, to achieve great professional success!

Happiness, well-being, health and realization of tasks in view!

Minister V.I. Skvortsova


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