Excursion to Anton Chekhov’s birthplace

On May 21, the students of the Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens from Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Venezuela, Congo, Colombia, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Zambia, Angola, Cameroon, Nigeria and Thailand travelled to Taganrog.
They have got acquainted with the city and its sights. With their own eyes the fellows saw the places related to the name of our great writer and countryman Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, whose biography and creative activity was the object of interest at the lessons of Russian Language.

[Photo Report]

We visited the house where A.P. Chekhov was born.


We got acquainted with the Chekhovs’ family life in “the Chekhov Shop”.


  We visited the Classical school (Gymnasium) where the future writer studied.


And in the classroom where Anton Chekhov was studying, we listened to the story about his school years and the beginning of his literary activity.

We examined the exposition, devoted to the life of the town and its inhabitants
at the end of XIX — early XX century.


We were photographed for memory at the monument to Peter the Great.


We went down to the seafront overlooking the Taganrog Bay.


Press photographer — Zoubi Deyaa (Israel)


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