Preparatory Faculty International students continue to familiarize themselves with the RostSMU

Foreign nationals who are studying at the Preparatory Faculty of our University have visited the anatomic museum of RostSMU, where they were hospitably met by the Associate Professor of normal anatomy A. A. Shvyryov, who has given them a fascinating tour. Students from Nigeria, Angola, Palestine and Ecuador met with the history of the museum, which is celebrating 100 years this year, and its rich Exposition. Particular interest was attracted by the Egyptian mummies and the skeleton of the person donated by the wife of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Winston Churchill. The big impression on prospective students of RostSMU was made by the story about our university professor N. I. Agapov, bequeathed his heart and brain to the anatomic museum.

Associate professor A. A. Shvyryov tells about exhibits of the museum

Photo to remember

We view the exhibits


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