New Year’s adventures of foreigners in Russia

Students of the Preparatory Faculty on Training of Foreign Citizens have for the first time celebrated Christmas and New Year’s holidays far away from the families. That is why the professors of the Russian Language Department №2 did all their best to make them feel at home. The whole series of festive events and ceremonies have helped international students to celebrate Christmas and New Year cheerfully.

They have visited the annual exhibition «Art-Christmas tree 2017» in the Don State Public Library.


They have attended an arts and crafts exhibition, impressions of which have shared, in the visitors’ book. Already in Russian!!!


They have cheerfully spent time at the Christmas fair.


Students have decorated Christmas tree and places of recreation.


They have performed at the New Year’s concert of department.

International dance performed by students from Nepal, Thailand, Ecuador, Cape Verde

Students from Nigeria singing Christmas carols

Traditional Arabic dance “Dabky”


Ballet «Nutcracker» has given them a festive New Year’s mood.

With the famous white grand piano in the Musical Theatre

A scene from the ballet


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