Graduation ceremony at the Preparatory Faculty on Training foreign citizens.

On June 24 the Graduation ceremonial party at the Preparatory Faculty on Training foreign citizens has taken place.

A.S. Voloshina awards excellent students

Under the guidance of their supervisors, students have prepared for this day a wonderful concert program: beautiful songs and poems in Russian sounded in the hall.
The head of Licensing, Accreditation and Quality control of Education Department Alla Sergeyevna Voloshina has come to congratulate great achievers and excellent students who have received prize-winning places in Chemistry Olympiad. The most hard-working and diligent graduates have been awarded with mementos and gifts.

Heads of the Preparatory Faculty Departments of Russian Language (№. 1 and 2), Chemistry, Biology and Physics announced the winners of the competition for their core subjects; awarded diplomas won prizes participants, and wished all students passing successfully the exams.

The Dean of the Preparatory Faculty, Associate Professor I.A. Tropina thanked the participants of a large concert program and wished all students successfully complete their first academic year on Russian soil in the Rostov State Medical University and admission to higher education institutions.

The holiday is over, but the joyful mood that this festival has presented, will long remain in the memory of all those who have visited it.

Nigerian students opened the concert program, performing the song «My Home is Russia»

№ 9 and 10 students’ groups perform the song «For you …»

№ 15-16 students’ groups sing the song «Cloud, fly away!»

“Do not forget me!»- sing №1 and 2 groups students











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