In advance of Defender of the Fatherland Day…

S.Y. Simkhaev

In advance of Defender of the Fatherland day Semyon Yairovich Simkhaev Vice-Chancellor on Administrative and Economic Activity, Colonel of justice, member of the Order of the Military Merit gave a lecture to the students of the Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens.
Foreign students were greatly impressed with the story of the great generals of Ancient Rus and military leaders of later times. Foreigners have seen once again that our country has a rich centuries-old history which is associated with the names of the outstanding victories. The generalship talent of famous military leaders manifested in creative thinking, battle experience, authority, high organizing skills, as well as the Patriotic mood of the people — all that allowed to achieve great results in preparing and conducting military operations.
Semyon Yairovich emphasized that Russia and its inhabitants have always been peaceful towards other nations and the wars in which our country took part were just defensive in nature.
Foreign students were interested not only in the lecture but also in the speaker’s personality, his military uniform and numerous military decorations.
We are grateful to Semyon Yairovich Simkhaev for the lecture and we hope that such meetings will become a tradition.



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