The realm of Russian painting

Kramskoi, Savrasov, Shishkin, Levitan, Kuindzhi, Levitsky, Vereshchagin, Serov …
The works of these and other famous Russian artists of the 17th and early 20th centuries are presented in the historical building of the Rostov Museum of Fine Arts on Pushkinskaya.
The students of the Preparatory faculty excitedly listened to the guide’s story about the colour and symbols of ancient icons, the history of the ceremonial and secular portraits, the paintings of Aivazovsky and Bryullov, Polenov and Korovin …
“I feel like I understand Russian art better now.. I loved this exhibition so much that I would live there…”, — so expressed her delight Nicole Kochukov from South Africa.
The first and second students groups sincerely advise everyone to visit this Museum.

Museum of the Fine Arts

We carefully listen to the guide’s story

Street furniture near the Museum is very beautiful







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