The world is interesting to us — we are interesting to it

Students of the Preparatory Faculty on Training Foreign Citizens continue to get acquainted with the best examples of the world ballet. In Rostov State Musical Theater they watched the world-famous ballet “Swan Lake” by P.I. Tchaikovsky which is rightfully considered to be the standard of high art and is the pearl of Russian classics.

Students from Guinea-Bissau, Iraq, Yemen, The Lebanon, Syria and Sierra Leone were greatly impressed by another equally well-known ballet of the great composer “The Nutcracker”. Students from Zambia, The Lebanon and Togo watched the modern ballet “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs”. For some students it was the first acquaintance with this theatrical genre, so the performance made a lasting impression on them. Great music, fairy scenery, professional dancers as well as a warm welcome and unceasing applause – all this will linger on in students’ memory.

Inspired by the music of the great composer

In the intermission of the ballet “The Nutcracker









Our students from Angola, Vietnam, Guinea-Bissau, Egypt, Iraq, Yemen, Madagascar, Nigeria, Syria, Sierra Leone and Ecuador visited The Academic Youth Theater and watched the play “Chodzhinsky skirmishes” by С. Galdoni.
The performance made a great impression on the students:
“I really liked the play. I believe that it’s the most beautiful and fun theatrical performance I’ve ever seen.”
(Chiong Thi Tuat, Vietnam)
“I had a great pleasure: bright scenery, great acting and interesting play.”
(Agenda Ahon Gina Jessica, Ecuador)


After a successful performance

Students from Angola and Vietnam took part in All-Russian Action “Biblionoch-2019: The whole world is the theater” which was held in The Don State Public Library. They visited excursion to the library stack, watched theatrical performances, participated in quizzes and competitions. Our students not only showed their creativity but also demonstrated a high level of knowledge of the Russian language and culture of our country. They performed the Cossack song “Oh, it was not a night”, the lyrical song «We are two banks at the same river» and one of the most popular Soviet songs of the 1980s “One million scarlet roses”.


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